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Pterobyt (terr-o-bite) is a 3D & 2D design studio that specializes in professional 3D renderings, 3D animation, graphic design, & 3D online configurators for all industries & applications.

Our Services

Ignite the creative side of your brand with custom 3D & 2D designs. We promise a unique experience for your customers with immersive tailor-made content. With our animation, rendering, online 3D configurator, and graphic design services, prepare to be blown away by the limitless possibilities!

3D Animations

3D Animations

3D animations turn mundane concepts into high-octane engines of visual excitement, driving progress through exploded views, dramatic shot angles and up-close explanations that can only be achieved with 3D.
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3D Renderings

3D Renderings

3D rendering is the process of transforming a 3D model (often in the form of CAD data) into a high-quality, photorealistic image. This process offers limitless creativity while showcasing products and services in a dynamic and attractive way.
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2D Marketing Materials

2D Marketing Materials

eBooks, Brochures, Catalogs...we do it all! Merge 3D assets with engaging graphic designs to create a truly captivating and cohesive visual experience across all marketing collateral.
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Online Configurator

Online Configurators

Let your website visitors interact with your products in a live space with an online configurator! No matter the color, texture, or any number of unique characteristics, your potential customers can fully visualize their desired combination right on the screen.
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No Templates. No AI. Straight-Up Custom Designs.

Enhance your customer experiences with augmented reality that leverages 3D over traditional 2D images. Through engaging, interactive 3D visuals, you bring real world solutions into the virtual landscape of marketing. 

For every industry, using physical production to inspire high-quality, 360-degree views of your products and services will lead to better shopping experiences, more comprehensible machine process explanations, and an overall more engaging marketing collateral collection!

Benefits of 3D Product Visualizations

Make an Impact

Push boundaries when presenting your brand against the competition and stand out in the crowd.

Explain Operation

Communicate complex processes or product features effectively to become an authority in your field.

Launch a New Design

Visualize new products from conception to launch without the need for costly prototypes and reworks.

Why Use 3D Product Visualizations Instead of Traditional Photography?

The power of 3D product visualization begins and ends with their limitless possibilities. Your company has the ability to showcase every characteristic, such as machine function, product color, attachment styles, and more.

Whether for promotion or education, 3D product visualization closes the gap between reality and what’s on the screen. Eliminate any customer confusion and make buyers feel like they can touch your product!

Our Process

A simple breakdown of how our creative process works in collaboration with our customers.


Concept Discussion

Decide on application requirements including asset type, quantity, timeline, and initial design specifications.


Resource Collection

At this stage, we request any applicable reference material be delivered for review, including 3D CAD data, reference images, and/or drawings, to ensure we capture the product’s likeness perfectly.


Design Creation

This is where the magic happens. Our artist will use all discussion notes and reference materials to bring your ideas to life!


Review & Revision

Once our concepts are ready for review, we’ll provide preview renderings and animations to ensure what we’ve created is inline with your vision.


Final Render & Deliverables

Following customer approval on our concepts and previews, we get to work on creating the polished and high-resolution versions ready for launch!

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Why Choose Pterobyt?

Our company offers a new approach to 3D product visualization that combines our teams’ industry knowledge, dedication, and advanced skillset. We aim to continuously go the extra mile for our customers, whether that requires watching videos on how a specific CNC machine operates to reading through websites to include company-specific wording and style.

Collectively, our team has over 10 years experience in manufacturing, marketing, and design services. We know how to talk industrial and create the incredible. Our priority is delivering hyper-realistic renderings and animations in an exciting way that brings your products and services to life.

We would love to hear from you, no matter what stage of the creative process you may reside. Our team is always available for discussions about your design outputs, so hit us up whenever you want to chat!

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Client Testimonials

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we give them all of the stars!
We started working with Jacob a few years ago at the recommendation of a trusted business associate. At the time, we were struggling with an agency in NYC who was slow, costly and needed a good deal of hand-holding when it came to complete automation. At first we tried out Pterobyt on a small project. Jacob was a breath of fresh air. That first project took hours versus days and was a solid 95% complete on the first revision—homerun! Since this first job we’ve completed near 100 models and the results for each has been excellent. Jacob is professional and fun to work with, quickly understands complex machinery and he is by far the best 3D illustrator we have experienced. Pterobyt provides high levels of realism in a very short timeframe and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend…we give them all of the stars!
Michael Bleau, Owner at Industry-Scopes.com
"A picture is worth a thousand words" and Jacob's work is no exception!
If you have a need for stunning product images and or videos, look no further than Pterobyt Rendering and Animation services. Jacob is a pleasure to work with. We at ADB® Hoist Rings Mfg. have had nothing but positive experiences on each project and intend to utilize his exceptional talent and skills for all our future rendering and animation needs. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and Jacob's work is no exception!
Joe Scolaro, Director of Sales at ADB Hoist Ring Mfg.
Pterobyt has absolutely crushed our 3D projects
Jacob at Pterobyt has absolutely crushed our 3D projects. He has really elevated our brand with the work. Looking forward to future projects and our continued partnership!
Alan Karnitz, Art Director at Decibullz
I find the work from Pterobyt to be expedient and of excellent quality
This is my 3rd project that I have worked on with Jacob at Pterobyt. I can be very demanding regarding details, and Jacob has risen to the task. I find the work from Pterobyt to be expedient and of excellent quality.
Brian Pechar, National Sales Manager at Metpar
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