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We Specialize in Graphic Design.

At Pterobyt, we specialize in crafting eye-catching designs that leave a lasting impression. From sleek business cards to stunning catalogs, our 2D graphic design services are tailored to elevate your brand’s identity and captivate your audience.

But that’s not all – we take it a step further by seamlessly integrating 3D renders into our designs, adding depth and dimension that truly sets your visuals apart. Whether it’s a product showcase, architectural visualization, or process description, our expert team harnesses the power of 3D technology to breathe life into your projects like never before.

And when it comes to boosting your marketing efforts, Pterobyt is your ultimate ally. We understand the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace, which is why our designs are strategically crafted to grab attention and drive engagement. From social media graphics that stop the scroll to eye-catching banners that demand a second look, we’ve got you covered.

Why invest in graphic design services?

Stepping up your company’s online and off-line presence starts with solid graphic design in all areas where potential customers interact with your brand. Individualized, modern graphic design acts as a translator to your audience, signaling what you value as a company and whether or not they can trust you with their business.

While your customer service and technical know-how seal the deal, effective graphic design gets the foot in the door.

American Mechanical Flyer 3D Render

Why combine 3d assets with 2d design?

When making any investment, you want to make the most out of your company’s acquired assets. With Pterobyt, you can compound your marketing strategy by combining 3D renderings with your 2D graphic design products. This combination of 2D and 3D allows your products and services to leap off of the page in a whole new capacity. In terms of competition, your brand will stand out due to a mix of creativity and authority.

Business Expo Banner 3D Render

2d graphic design options

What are the different types of 2D Graphic Design Services that Pterobyt offers?

As stated before, every brand interaction deserves a compelling design to captivate leads and entice new business opportunities. Pterobyt offers all options of graphic design from business cards to multi-page catalogs. Depending on the end goal, we’ve separated our services into different categories to assist in navigating the various products or combinations that best suit your company’s individual needs. From pure advertisement to a more educational approach, Pterobyt wants to be a partner in boosting your brand voice in all capacities.

SAW Sticker 3D Render

Our Process

A simple breakdown of how our creative process works in collaboration with our customers.


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we give them all of the stars!
We started working with Jacob a few years ago at the recommendation of a trusted business associate. At the time, we were struggling with an agency in NYC who was slow, costly and needed a good deal of hand-holding when it came to complete automation. At first we tried out Pterobyt on a small project. Jacob was a breath of fresh air. That first project took hours versus days and was a solid 95% complete on the first revision—homerun! Since this first job we’ve completed near 100 models and the results for each has been excellent. Jacob is professional and fun to work with, quickly understands complex machinery and he is by far the best 3D illustrator we have experienced. Pterobyt provides high levels of realism in a very short timeframe and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend…we give them all of the stars!
Michael Bleau, Owner at Industry-Scopes.com
"A picture is worth a thousand words" and Jacob's work is no exception!
If you have a need for stunning product images and or videos, look no further than Pterobyt Rendering and Animation services. Jacob is a pleasure to work with. We at ADB® Hoist Rings Mfg. have had nothing but positive experiences on each project and intend to utilize his exceptional talent and skills for all our future rendering and animation needs. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and Jacob's work is no exception!
Joe Scolaro, Director of Sales at ADB Hoist Ring Mfg.
Pterobyt has absolutely crushed our 3D projects
Jacob at Pterobyt has absolutely crushed our 3D projects. He has really elevated our brand with the work. Looking forward to future projects and our continued partnership!
Alan Karnitz, Art Director at Decibullz
I find the work from Pterobyt to be expedient and of excellent quality
This is my 3rd project that I have worked on with Jacob at Pterobyt. I can be very demanding regarding details, and Jacob has risen to the task. I find the work from Pterobyt to be expedient and of excellent quality.
Brian Pechar, National Sales Manager at Metpar
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