How to Use 3D Animations for Commercial Products

Why Use 3D Animations for Commercial Products?

When it comes to commercial advertising, there’s nothing quite like a good 3D animation to grab people’s attention. Whether it’s a 30-second TV spot or a social media ad, a well-done 3D animations for commercial products can make a big impact, and let’s be real, we all love a good visual spectacle.

Flexible Representation

One of the biggest advantages of 3D animations in commercial advertising is that they allow for a level of flexibility and creativity that is hard to achieve with live-action footage. With 3D animation, anything is possible. Need a product to fly through the air or transform into something else? No problem. Want to showcase a product in a fantastical environment? Easy peasy. The possibilities are endless.

Mouse 3D Product Rendering
Computer Mouse 3D Animation for Product Launch

Different Forms of Animations and How to Use Them with Commercial Products

Exploded View Animation
  • Description: Exploded view animations depict an object by showing its components separately, typically floating apart from each other while still maintaining their relative positions.
  • Use with Commercial Products: It helps in showcasing the internal structure and assembly of products, highlighting individual components and how they fit together.


Motion Graphics Animation
  • Description: Motion graphics animation involves animated graphic elements, text, and imagery to convey information or tell a story.
  • Use with Commercial Products: It enhances visual appeal and communicates product features, benefits, and brand messages dynamically.


Product Lifecycle Animation
  • Description: Product lifecycle animations illustrate the stages of a product’s development, from concept to manufacturing and usage.
  • Use with Commercial Products: It educates consumers on the product’s design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, building trust and transparency.

Build Excitement

Another advantage of 3D animations in commercial advertising is that they can make even the most mundane products look exciting. Let’s face it, not everyone gets excited about the latest vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. With a 3D animation, a company can show these products in a dynamic and interesting way that will grab people’s attention.

How Can 3D Animations Build Excitement for Your Commercial Products?

Dynamic Visuals and Cinematic Effects
  • Utilize cinematic camera angles, dynamic transitions, and visual effects to create a sense of drama and intrigue.
  • Example: Imagine a luxury watch brand using sweeping camera movements and dramatic lighting to highlight the precision engineering and craftsmanship of their timepieces, enhancing their allure and desirability.


Engaging Storytelling and Narration
  • Craft a compelling narrative that resonates with the target audience’s aspirations, emotions, and lifestyle.
  • Example: A travel luggage company could use 3D animation to tell the story of a globetrotting adventurer, showcasing how their durable and stylish bags enhance travel experiences and withstand the rigors of exploration.


Interactive and Personalized Experiences
  • Implement interactive elements that allow consumers to engage with the product, customize features, or explore different options.
  • Example: A virtual car configurator using 3D animation could enable potential buyers to personalize their dream vehicle by choosing colors, trims, and optional features, providing an immersive and personalized buying experience.


Highlighting Innovation and Unique Features
  • Showcase innovative features and functionalities of the product in a visually captivating manner.
  • Example: A tech gadget company could use dynamic 3D animations to illustrate how their latest smart device integrates cutting-edge technology, demonstrating its futuristic capabilities and enhancing its appeal to tech enthusiasts.

Clearly Convey Information

It’s not just about creating flashy visuals, 3D animations can clearly and effectively convey information about a product. For example, a 3D animation can show how a product works or how to assemble it. This can be especially useful for more complex products that are difficult to explain with words or static images.

How Can 3D Animations Convey Your Commercial Product’s Features?

Detailed Visualization
  • 3D animations can showcase products from multiple angles, zoom in on specific features, and highlight intricate details that might be difficult to see in static images or text descriptions.
  • Example: A 3D animation of a smartphone can rotate to show its design, zoom in on the camera features, and display how the interface operates, providing a comprehensive view of its capabilities.


Functional Demonstrations
  • Animations can demonstrate how a product works or how to use it, illustrating its functionality step-by-step.
  • Example: An animation of a kitchen appliance can show its different settings, operational modes, and safety features in action, making it easier for consumers to understand its utility.


Cross-Sectional Views
  • 3D animations can cut through products to reveal their internal components and workings, offering insights into their construction and functionality.
  • Example: An animation of a vacuum cleaner can cut away the outer casing to show the motor, filters, and suction mechanisms inside, demonstrating its efficiency and performance.
Car 3D Animation Showing Inner Workings
Inner Workings Car 3D Animation
Comparative Analysis
  • Animations can compare different models or versions of a product side-by-side, highlighting their differences in features, size, or performance.
  • Example: An animation comparing smartphones can show how two models vary in terms of camera quality, storage capacity, and screen resolution, aiding consumers in making informed choices.

Experience Virtual Reality

Let’s not forget about the world of virtual reality (VR). With VR, people can “try” a product before they buy it, getting a sense of how it works and how it will feel to use it. This can be a powerful tool for building trust and credibility with potential customers.

What are the Benefits of Integrating 3D Animations with Online VR Configurators?

Interactive Elements:
  • Incorporating interactive elements such as clickable hotspots or customizable options within the animation can allow consumers to explore specific details or personalize aspects of the product. Check out our online configurator page for more options.
  • Example: An interactive animation of a headset can allow customers to customize color settings, accessories, and lighting aspects. 

Let’s Make a “Wow” Moment 

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about 3D animations in commercial advertising is that they create truly immersive and memorable experiences. Think about it, how many times have you seen a commercial and thought “Wow, that was really cool!”? With 3D animations, that “wow” factor is almost guaranteed.

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