Yogurt 3D Package Rendering

The Mission

We had the incredible pleasure to partner with Left Hand Design to bring to life one of their previous package designs utilizing 3D rendering and animation to visualize their work. In the end, we created several still shot renders and a 360 spin animation to showcase label designs by our client in a consistent, unbiased manner.

The Process

To start, we were given the label artwork for the yogurt package that our customer had designed. We were also given reference images for what the container looked like along with some general dimensions to aid us with the modeling portion of the project.

Once we got the yogurt container and lid fully modeled, we jumped to the next phase; texturing and label wrapping.

Following the dimension and callouts given to us, we carefully wrapped the provided label designs onto our 3D geometry. With the label designs on our model, we began creating a custom material that mimicked the package’s real life qualities. Adding in extra gloss the lettering (per callout) and small, minute details such as minor bumps and fingerprints, helped sell the renderings as photoreal.

The lighting was kept balanced and simple so as not to distract from the main focus of the renderings. Of course, we added in auxiliary lamps to catch the glossy reflections of the lettering to showcase the added detail we put into our material creation.

The animation portion of the project was pretty straight forward; a simple 360 spin of the product moving in a consistent, seamless, linear speed.

The Results

Our client absolutely loved the work we did and so did we! We had a lot of fun bringing this to life for our customer.