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3D Product Animations

At Pterobyt, we specialize in creating high-quality 3D Product Animations. Whatever your vision is, we’re here to make it a reality. Whether that means making a simple 360 spin of your product or creating an epic cinematic promotion, we got you covered!

Our animations are designed to add depth and clarity to your brand’s messaging, making it easier for your target audience to understand the benefits of your products. We also offer integrated VFX like particle effects, fire, smoke, and fluid simulations to take your animation to the next level. These effects can add an extra layer of excitement and realism to your animations, helping you create a truly immersive experience for your customers. 

At Pterobyt, we’re committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services. That’s why we provide a demo and rendered frames for your approval before we finalize any project. This allows you to see exactly what your animation will look like before it’s completed, giving you the opportunity to make any necessary changes to ensure it meets your expectations.

Popular 3D Animation Styles

There are countless ways we can present your products with animated 3D video content. Despite not being a complete list, below are some popular animation styles that we can capture to perfectly convey your message!

3D Product Animation Render Design

The 360° Spin

The 360° spin animation is a classic! This style of animation is perfect for showing all the glorious angles of your product in a seamless, hypnotic fashion! With this type of animation, we can also showcase different color or attachment options of your product in a visually smooth way. Excellent for E-commerce sites and social media postings, this versatile style of animation can serve your brand in countless ways!

The Exploded View

Gravity is just a mere suggestion when it comes to exploded view or break-apart style of animations! We can demonstrate the inner workings of your product, how they function, and how they assemble and disassemble in seconds! This allows your customers to get a full understanding of your product and it’s benefits in a short amount of time. Giving your customers a complete and comprehensive look at your product, digitally.

The Epic Promo

Leave them wanting more. The Epic-Promo style of 3D product animation is an excellent choice to build desire and interest for your new product! With CGI content, anything is possible; with this style, we can showcase your product in any environment or scene. This style gives us total and complete creative freedom to showcase your product in a genuinely epic light and is ideal for product launches to excite your audience for your latest offering!

The Explainer Animation

Time to do some educating! The explainer animation is a powerful tool that can help demonstrate complex processes and products in seconds. They say a good sales pitch should be achieved in seconds and with explainer videos, you can be sure that your message gets received and understood in a clear, concise and fast manner!

Why 3D Animation?

Visuals play a critical role in the world of marketing especially when it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers. In recent years, 3D animated product videos have become increasingly popular among marketers to promote their products. For businesses seeking to boost their marketing efforts, this innovative technology offers many benefits.

shipping 3D Render

Our Process

Our four step process for Product Rendering Creation

When it comes to 3D product animation, things can get pretty complex. But fear not, because we’re here to make it easy for you! We follow a standard set of practices when starting a new project, which helps us ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect when working with us:

Quoting and Pre-Viz

Quoting and pre-visualization are the starting grounds for all new projects. We first establish the goals and the desired style of the animation. We then discuss if 3D CAD is available or if we need to model your product for the animation. Based on that, we can determine the duration for the animation and provide you with a custom quote to have the 3D animated video made!

Once the quote is approved, we’re ready to go! Based on the desired goals, style, and time duration that we’ve determined, we can create a storyboard (if necessary) that’ll illustrate the shot angles and pacing for the video.

Asset and Scene Prep

At this stage, we clean up any provided 3D CAD models or begin modeling if no CAD is available. We’ll also model or acquire any additional assets necessary for the project.

We then rig the necessary 3D models to be animated and begin creating and applying custom textures and materials following their real-world attributes to ensure photorealism. Next, we make the environments for each scene and light the product in such a way as to convey realism and depth.


The Animating stage is where the magic begins. Following the tried and true principles of animation, we start animating the project based on our storyboard or plan.

We carefully ensure the 3D product animation lines up perfectly with any music or voiceovers to achieve audio and visual synergy.

Once complete, we’ll provide a demo animation for approval and some rendered frames to ensure we capture everything precisely to your liking.

Final Render and Post-Production

Once we gain approval on the demo animation, materials, and lighting, we will commence the final render! Rendering is when we turn the animation into a polished photorealistic masterpiece.

After the rendering process is complete, we begin the post-production work. At this point, we mix the audio for the voiceovers and music, combine all our scenes, and render the final product!


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we give them all of the stars!
We started working with Jacob a few years ago at the recommendation of a trusted business associate. At the time, we were struggling with an agency in NYC who was slow, costly and needed a good deal of hand-holding when it came to complete automation. At first we tried out Pterobyt on a small project. Jacob was a breath of fresh air. That first project took hours versus days and was a solid 95% complete on the first revision—homerun! Since this first job we’ve completed near 100 models and the results for each has been excellent. Jacob is professional and fun to work with, quickly understands complex machinery and he is by far the best 3D illustrator we have experienced. Pterobyt provides high levels of realism in a very short timeframe and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend…we give them all of the stars!
Michael Bleau, Owner at Industry-Scopes.com
"A picture is worth a thousand words" and Jacob's work is no exception!
If you have a need for stunning product images and or videos, look no further than Pterobyt Rendering and Animation services. Jacob is a pleasure to work with. We at ADB® Hoist Rings Mfg. have had nothing but positive experiences on each project and intend to utilize his exceptional talent and skills for all our future rendering and animation needs. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and Jacob's work is no exception!
Joe Scolaro, Director of Sales at ADB Hoist Ring Mfg.
Pterobyt has absolutely crushed our 3D projects
Jacob at Pterobyt has absolutely crushed our 3D projects. He has really elevated our brand with the work. Looking forward to future projects and our continued partnership!
Alan Karnitz, Art Director at Decibullz
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