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Our 3D rendering services offer superior image quality and fidelity that surpasses that of traditional photography! We specialize in the art of creating photorealistic 3D product images for brands looking to upgrade their visual content game. Whether you’re launching a new product or have an existing one on the market, we can transform your ideas into high-quality renderings that are proven to boost conversions.

We can work with your existing 3D CAD files or work from scratch to produce designs for both digital and print media.

Why go through the hassle and expense of organizing costly photo shoots that may not meet your expectations? With 3D rendering, you have complete control over every aspect of the image; the creative possibilities are virtually limitless! Our team consists of highly-skilled and professional 3D artists, marketers, and graphic designers with the single goal of providing you with the best CAD renderings on the market.

what is 3d rendering?

What is 3D Rendering, exactly?

3D Rendering is the process of transforming CAD data, or print drawings of a product into a photo-realistic representation. Perfect for catalogs, website design, online marketplaces, or whatever desired online or print application.

A 3D Rendering or Render refers to the still 3D images ready for promotional, educational, or other use.

Product Render Industrial Machine
Hot Blonde Coffee Case 3D Render

3d Rendering vs. traditional photography

Why use 3D Rendering instead of traditional photography?

3D Rendering allows for limitless possibilities and easy adjustments when it comes to showcasing a product. Instead of hiring a team to come out and photograph every angle, color, lighting option, and individual component, renderings can transform reality to effectively and creatively highlight the necessary characteristics. Renderings unlock a special space between reality and imagined possibilities to fully convey a company’s brand and unique contributions.

Our Rendering Process

A simple breakdown of how our creative process works in collaboration with our customers.

3d render types

What are the different types of 3D Renders?

Depending on the end application, we can create specific styles of renderings to best compliment the goals of the project. Some of the types include the classic, the exploded view, the infographic, the family of products, and the lifestyle. Each type caters to particular marketing strategies; meaning a combination of multiple types could be just the ticket to success for your company!

Our Renders

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Why Choose Us for Photorealistic 3D Product Rendering?

Why should you trust Pterobyt with your 3D visuals?

At Pterobyt, we take the idea of photorealistic 3D product rendering to the next level. Our process of creating real life 3D assets combines the effects of product design and 2D images with an extra layer of engagement. Through 3D modeling software, we are able to provide rendered images and post production services that showcase products like never before. 

We are also located in Michigan and embrace Made in the USA standards with every one of our projects. Our goal is to create rendered assets for your company that impress customers, shareholders, and anyone who views them!

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