ADB Hoist Rings Spec Sheets 2D Graphic Design

The Mission

American Drill Bushing wanted to update their hoist ring spec sheets to better reflect their brand while showcasing important details about their various products. The project involved reimagining the current design to something more visually exciting. Our team needed to represent 6 different hoist rings with varying features while maintaining the same general layout and element placements. We also incorprated past 3D renders into the designs to add an extra bit of punch to the new product sheets. 

The Process

To begin the spec sheets, our 2D Graphic Artist gathered all of the reference material, past 3D renders, customer-provided product features, to draw inspiration for a custom design. We initially mapped out general element placements by working around the hoist ring 3D renders – the main features of each spec sheet. Using the customer-provided product features, we then added all the product information while paying special attention to font, size, element placement, and wording that could be modified for clarification purposes

After establishing a solid foundation with the layout, our 3D Artist went back through the previously rendered hoist rings to create a chalk-outlined version for each one. These versions were to appear as background elements and create some depth and appeal to the overall visual. This “chalk” theme inspired the designs and shows through the bullet points as well. Our team then created a custom concrete background to anchor the entire design and added shadows to the 3D renders for more depth.

Once our ideation phase was complete, we meticulously scanned each page to maintain spacing, kerning, font size, element placement, wording, and bleed.

Following our internal review of each design, we sent proofs over to the customer for approval. 

The Results

Our team successfully created spec sheets that reflected a professional and creative brand while showcasing the products in an intriguing way.