American Mechanical Full-Page Ads Graphic Design

The Mission

American Mechanical required annual graphic designs for their CSIA Conference Pamphlet full-page ads. They contacted Pterobyt for 2022, 2023, and 2024 to create eye-catching visuals that showcased their Made in the USA insulation products and company taglines. The main challenge from year to year became establishing new custom designs without recycling too many of the previous year’s creative elements. These ads required more creativity to make American Mechanical stand out amongst the various conference attendees and lead to new partnerships and/or customers.

American Mechanical Flyer 3D Render

The Process

Pterobyt formulated a strong brand identity for American Mechanical in 2022 using reference images, website details, and a close collaboration with their team. Each year, we added to the already established company folder to enhance our knowledge about the customer’s products, style, and design preferences.

Our use of the green in the background along with carefully placed shadowing created a dynamic effect that the customer wanted to use again for our 2023 full-page ad. In the 2023 ad, we pivoted to a more personal approach with an image of the employees showing off some insulation work to a customer. This design also included some clever image layering to highlight specific details. 

For the 2024 ad, we needed a new approach to change up the layout while maintaining the planned out brand guidelines. This design required more experimenting and collaboration to set it apart from the previous projects. By beginning with an in-depth discussion with the customer, our 2D Graphic Artist moved forward with a focus on the grand scale of the provided image and “40 Years” highlight.

The Results

Overall, our collaboration with American Mechanical over the years has led to a close relationship that looks to grow into new designs for the company’s growing marketing collateral.