Breakdown of Statistics Supporting 3D Animation in Advertising

Why Choose to Use 3D Animations instead of Live-Action Videos?

Here is a breakdown of 3D animation statistics that support the use of 3D animations over live-action videography as it pertains to advertising and promoting your products.


    Increased Engagement

    According to a study by the international research firm, Millward Brown, 3D animations can increase viewer engagement by up to 30% compared to traditional videos (Millward Brown, 2021). This jump means that 3D renderings and animations can be more effective at capturing and retaining the viewer’s attention. It makes sense as well, since animations and renderings have the ability to expand into the creative space by going where traditional videography simply cannot. Linearity poses that by 2027, the share of animations in social media marketing is expected to increase by 40% due to the higher engagement rate of animated content  (Linearity, 2023).

      AirPod 3D Animation Concept
      AirPod Concept 3D Animation | Engage Audiences

      Enhanced Comprehension

      Studies show that 3D animations can be more effective at communicating complex information than videos or still images. According to Linearity, 70% of e-learning platforms are expected to use some form of animation by 2025 (Linearity, 2023).  3D animations allow for a greater level of detail and realism, making it easier for viewers to understand and retain the information being presented. For example, if you can explain a complex machine by following an animation that goes inside various parts and points to the exact processes occurring, you’ll be able to understand the full picture in an entirely new way. 


      Increased Conversion Rates

      A study by the Content Marketing Institute found that 3D animations can increase conversion rates by up to 20% (Content Marketing Institute, 2023). This phenomenon is likely due to the increased engagement and comprehension that 3D animations provide, making it more likely that viewers will take action after viewing the animation. If you fully understand a product or service, then you are more encouraged to trust the company and their offerings. According to different studies in advertising over the past year, ads with interactive 3D elements, such as renderings and animations, have up to 94% higher click-through rates (Content Marketing Institute, 2023).

      Ads with interactive 3D elements have up to 94% higher click-through rates.

      Greater Flexibility

      3D animations offer more flexibility than still images or videos. 3D animators can easily edit, change, and reuse animations for different marketing campaigns. 11.2% of marketers love the flexibility animation brings to representing their company’s products and services (Breadnbeyond, 2024). Whether it’s a tiny design shift or adding a whole new sequence to the ad, animators can take the assets they’ve already created and shape them into new content that’s optimized for sharing. 


      Greater Cost-Effectiveness

      3D animations can be more cost-effective than traditional video production. With 3D animation, you can avoid the costs of hiring actors, renting equipment, and paying for location costs. Videography takes physical lighting, setting up backgrounds, getting employees to sign waivers, script writing, and so much more. You also need to take edits into account and any reshoots that can take a whole new set-up. 11% of marketers appreciate animation as a budget-friendly marketing tool, especially when compared to the costs of live-action content (Breadnbeyond, 2024). Animations allow for quicker changes, new angles, and more with a lower set-up and editing cost. 

      Tech-Pivot Industrial 3D Product Animation
      Industrial 3D Animation for TechRim Standards | Representation of Product

      Better Representation of Products

      3D animations allow for a more detailed representation of a product, which allows potential customers to see the product from different angles, and to see the product in the context of a real-world setting. This representation can be particularly useful for products that are difficult to photograph or are difficult to demonstrate in person. According to Breadnbeyond, 10.4% of marketers agree that there’s a positive impact on their sales revenues due to animation. They also found that 15.8% of marketers focus on showing off their product features using dynamic visuals to highlight what makes their products special (Breadnbeyond, 2024). 


      Greater Potential for Viral Marketing

      3D animations have the potential to go viral on social media platforms. This feature can be a great way to reach a large audience and generate buzz for a product or service. 42.5% of marketers experience a surge in engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, and comments (Linearity, 2023). You can cater content directly to your intended audience and show a behind-the-scenes look into your products like never before!


      Greater Potential for Personalization

      3D animations can utilize different colors, logos, and branding elements. 13.7% of marketers agree that they opt for animation to create a unique and memorable brand image (Breadnbeyond, 2024). Showcase your logo bursting through your product, or highlight your colors with quick color-changing capabilities – anything is possible with 3D!

      Choose Your 3D Animator

      In contrast to the above 3D animation statistics, the most depressing fact is that 14.2% of marketers struggle to find skilled animators they can afford (Breadnbeyond, 2024)! To that 14.2%, we say struggle no more! We work with your budget to bring your ideas to life without compromising on quality. 

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