Catalog Product Renders

The Mission

ADB contracted us to develop a series of product renders for their newly updated catalog. The goal was to showcase their various product lines in a photorealistic and repeatable way. Maintaining consistent lighting and shot angles between all the images to keep the focus on the uniqueness and differences between each product was paramount.

Catalog 3D Product Rendering

The Process

Our client provided us with the 3D CAD data needed to create the various renders for the project. We prepped the data, converting the 3D CAD into polygonal models. UV unwrapped them for PBR and procedural texturing and added slight imperfections to the models to add realism.

With all our assets prepped and ready to go; we proceeded with the next step; which was to find a good attractive shot angle to use. We experimented with a couple different approaches for the camera and ultimately opted for an isometric, 3 ⁄ 4 shot angle.

Since we locked down the shot angel, we began creating the lighting environment to give the renders a high-quality studio look. We added white reflection planes around the products and arranged 3d lamps around and above the subjects to give a natural and balanced lighting configuration.

The Results

We’re happy to announce that our client was beyond satisfied with the outcome of the project, and we were equally pleased with the results.