Yates Trade Show Entrances

Trade Show Design

Yates Trade show Entrances graphic design The Mission We were contacted by Momentum, a leading industrial digital marketing agency, to help create dynamic entrances designs for Yates Cylinders at AISTech 2024.  The goal of our collaboration was to design two large wall mural graphics and coordinate with the trade show installation company. In terms of […]

ADB Hoist Ring Spec Sheets

ADB Hoist Rings Spec Sheets 2D Graphic Design The Mission American Drill Bushing wanted to update their hoist ring spec sheets to better reflect their brand while showcasing important details about their various products. The project involved reimagining the current design to something more visually exciting. Our team needed to represent 6 different hoist rings […]

American Mechanical Full-Page Ads Graphic Design

American Mechanical Flyer 3D Render

American Mechanical Full-Page Ads Graphic Design The Mission American Mechanical required annual graphic designs for their CSIA Conference Pamphlet full-page ads. They contacted Pterobyt for 2022, 2023, and 2024 to create eye-catching visuals that showcased their Made in the USA insulation products and company taglines. The main challenge from year to year became establishing new […]