Yates Trade Show Entrances

Trade Show Design

Yates Trade show Entrances graphic design The Mission We were contacted by Momentum, a leading industrial digital marketing agency, to help create dynamic entrances designs for Yates Cylinders at AISTech 2024.  The goal of our collaboration was to design two large wall mural graphics and coordinate with the trade show installation company. In terms of […]

ADB Hoist Ring Spec Sheets

ADB Hoist Rings Spec Sheets 2D Graphic Design The Mission American Drill Bushing wanted to update their hoist ring spec sheets to better reflect their brand while showcasing important details about their various products. The project involved reimagining the current design to something more visually exciting. Our team needed to represent 6 different hoist rings […]

Restroom Partition Interior 3D Renders

Interior Render Restroom Partition

Restroom Partition Interior 3D Renders The Mission We had the privilege to partner with Metpar to develop 3D renders to showcase their various bathroom partition models in custom CGI-simulated 3D environments. The goal was to showcase a diversity of room styles while maintaining a consistent shot angle between them so that the focus remained on […]

Catalog 3D Product Renders

Catalog 3D Product Rendering

Catalog Product Renders The Mission ADB contracted us to develop a series of product renders for their newly updated catalog. The goal was to showcase their various product lines in a photorealistic and repeatable way. Maintaining consistent lighting and shot angles between all the images to keep the focus on the uniqueness and differences between […]

3D Package Rendering Yogurt


Yogurt 3D Package Rendering The Mission We had the incredible pleasure to partner with Left Hand Design to bring to life one of their previous package designs utilizing 3D rendering and animation to visualize their work. In the end, we created several still shot renders and a 360 spin animation to showcase label designs by […]

UVC Lamp 3D Render

UVC Lamp 3D Render

UVC Lamp 3D Render The Mission We were approached by Image Setters to create some high-quality and realistic 3D renderings showcasing the various components for Ultravation’s UVC lamps and setup configurations. No CAD was available for this project, so we got to model and render everything from scratch! Service 3D Product Rendering The Process We […]

Wine Bottle 3D Rendering

Wine 3D Rendering

Wine Bottle 3D Rendering The Mission We were contracted by Left Hand Design to create photo-realistic 3D renders of the various label designs they had developed for their client. These renders were to be used in their marketing materials and therefore, needed to be of high-quality and adaptable. This meant that the wine needed to […]

CNC System Renders

5-Axis System 3D Renders The Mission A leading 5-axis system provider, KME CNC, reached out to us in need of some professional 3D renderings of their 5-axis tombstones, indexers, and trunnion tables for their newly developed website. With an extensive history working with b2b industrial type brands, we simply couldn’t resist partnering with them to […]