5-Axis System 3D Renders

The Mission

A leading 5-axis system provider, KME CNC, reached out to us in need of some professional 3D renderings of their 5-axis tombstones, indexers, and trunnion tables for their newly developed website. With an extensive history working with b2b industrial type brands, we simply couldn’t resist partnering with them to develop some high-quality visuals.

The Process

Our Client had 3D CAD data of their products available for us which we utilized for the project. We first had to adjust the provided data for rendering use, converting the 3D CAD into polygonal models which we would use to add in minor imperfections and adjustments to the geometry to make it more photo-real once rendered.

Once we got the base geometry all cleaned-up and prepped, we began modeling in auxiliary objects such as fasteners. All this is done to make the model look and feel more realistic.

With all the modeling work completed, we began creating textures following provided reference materials. Since our client was in the CNC industry, we knew the machine lines shown on the product would be very important to properly replicate. Therefore, we carefully created a custom CNC style texture that perfectly resembled the way their products were manufactured.

Having the materials and textures applied and perfected; we began to light each product. Objects that are entirely metallic, such as these, were difficult to light given their tendency to want to reflect light and their surroundings. However, we love a good challenge and carefully placing 3D lamps in just the right places, we were able to achieve proper studio-quality illumination.

The Results

We’re happy to say our customer was incredibly pleased with the results, as were we! Since our initial project, we’ve been contracted numerous times to bring additional products for our client to life via 3D rendering.