Hoist Ring Educational 3D Animations

The Mission

We’ve had the privilege to partner with ADB Hoist Rings to create a series of educational 3D product animations to explain and demonstrate their proper and safe usage of lifting devices. ADB is the original creator of the swivel Hoist Ring and therefore wanted a catalog of professional and entertaining video content to share their knowledge within the industry.

Explainer Animation

The Process

We’ve created three animated educational videos, each tackling a unique question or reviewing critical safety information. With all our explainer videos, the process begins with the script. The script is fundamental because it tells the video’s story and gives the visuals’ pacing.

After our initial meeting to discuss what the premise of the animation ought to be, we begin work writing the script. We take special care to write in such a way that keeps the information clear and concise.

With the script approved, we then moved on to the storyboard phase. This is when we create a visual plan to follow the approved script.

Once we gain approval on the script and storyboard, we begin animating. We carefully rig and prep the necessary assets featured in the animation, then jump right into carefully crafting our scenes.

After completing the animations, we provided our customer with a demo version of each video for review and approval. The demos are non-rendered and demonstrate how the animation will play out in the final version. If any revisions are needed, we do it here before we initiate the final render. Then once approved, we began the final rendering process.

The Results

Our client was incredibly happy with the results of our animations. With them, they’ve easily informed and educated customers and partners alike on essential and critical safety information regarding hoist rings and rigging.