Pneumatic Pivot 3D Animation

The Mission

We created a custom 3D animation for Tech Rim Standards showcasing their pneumatically powered dump unit, the Tech-Pivot. The goal of the animation was to demonstrate the key features this product has to offer in an exciting and entertaining way.

Tech-Pivot 3D Product Animation

The Process

The project began with a simple layout to determine the main features that needed to be highlighted. These features were items that differentiated the product from its competitors. Therefore, these highlighted features were critical to have included in the minute-long animation. 

Technical animations are often bland; however, at Pterobyt, we believe every animation, no matter the subject, ought to be entertaining. After all, why should it be consumed if a piece of content is not enjoyable? To make the animation exciting and dramatic, we planned a few beauty shots, in the beginning to build anticipation, along with an epic introduction when we revealed the product.

While animating, we also carefully choreographed the visuals to the soundtrack. We strive to achieve this in all our animations as it creates audio-visual synergy, which contributes to an overall more satisfying viewing experience.

The Results

Our client was very pleased with the results of the animation, as were we!