Restroom Partition Interior 3D Renders

The Mission

We had the privilege to partner with Metpar to develop 3D renders to showcase their various bathroom partition models in custom CGI-simulated 3D environments. The goal was to showcase a diversity of room styles while maintaining a consistent shot angle between them so that the focus remained on the partitions and not just the room designs.

Interior Render Restroom Partition

The Process

The first priority of the project was to 3D model the various partition styles that we would use in our custom 3D restroom designs. Following provided reference material, we carefully modeled all the panels and pillars dimensionally accurately and all the mounting hardware. 

With our partitions fully modeled and ready to go, we put on our interior designer caps and created unique commercial restroom designs to house our partition models. A lot of experimentation went into this phase. We utilized both 3rd party assets and our custom models to decorate the scenes as we saw fit. 

To achieve a photorealistic look, we lit the scenes utilizing custom 3D lamps with proper kelvin temperature lighting and intensity attributes. When it came to rendering, we cranked our indirect lighting samples to give the best possible illumination. Indirect lighting is often very taxing when rendering an image; however, to achieve a photorealistic look with an interior scene, it is essential. 

Once we got our designs ready to show the client, we provided them with preview renders to review and markup in case any adjustments were needed. After a few revisions, we successfully captured the desired look and rendered the final renders.

The Results

Our client was very well pleased with the work we produced. This project required much creativity and experimentation; however, the end results made it all worthwhile.