Slide Rail System 3D Animations

The Mission

Efficiency Production wanted to create stylistic, instructional 3D animations showing the process of installing and properly using their slide rail shoring system. The goal was to show photorealistic equipment in a construction environment. The customer required four slide rail system animations to follow along provided voice-overs.

Construction 3D Animation

The Process

Our team began the project by using the script to outline the installation process. After putting together 3D clay models to storyboard the various shots, we began the animation process. 

First we rigged our excavator model as well as the slide rail shoring system. Then we carefully animated each scene following the pacing of the narration along with the storyboard to keep everything in sync. The goal is always to achieve lifelike movements for how each component would operate in the real world

With the animation complete. We then got to work on building out the environment. We wanted to create an attractive set for the animation, so we carefully modeled and textured the various surrounding assets and created a custom foliage layout and applied that to our sculped environment. 

Once all the modeling and texturing work was completed. We got to work on the lighting. This particular set of animations took place in an outdoor environment, so special attention went into making the lighting realistic with directional high-intensity simulated sunlight reflecting off of the metallic components and casting consistent shadows throughout the environment

The Results

Our customer was very pleased with the animations. We greatly enjoyed working on this 3D animation project and having the opportunity to create these 3D environments!