UVC Lamp 3D Render

The Mission

We were approached by Image Setters to create some high-quality and realistic 3D renderings showcasing the various components for Ultravation’s UVC lamps and setup configurations. No CAD was available for this project, so we got to model and render everything from scratch!

UVC Lamp 3D Render

The Process

We were equipped with an extensive assortment of reference images and technical drawings provided by our client to guide us in the modeling phase of the project. This process required meticulous attention to detail to ensure we captured the proper dimensions and likeness of the product’s various components.

When we finished modeling all the products and UV unwrapping them, we started the next phase: material and texture creation. Following the same reference images, we were able to accurately re-create the various metals and plastic materials by carefully studying the micro details of each. We applied our created assets to our models.

After everything was prepared and ready, we digitally assembled all the components to showcase the installation and setup. Assembling everything was relatively straightforward since we got to know each part well from the modeling and texturing phase. 

Since these were high-powered UVC lamps we were depicting in our renders, we needed to show their intense light by having an intense bloom around the light source in our render. To achieve that look while providing our client with renders with transparent backgrounds, we rendered out several passes, one with only the light emissive objects; then, in post-production, we created the beautiful bloom effect.

The Results

We sent our customer some images for approval, and once approved, we created the final high-resolution versions. Our client was very well pleased with the results of our renderings, as were we!