Wine Bottle 3D Rendering

The Mission

We were contracted by Left Hand Design to create photo-realistic 3D renders of the various label designs they had developed for their client. These renders were to be used in their marketing materials and therefore, needed to be of high-quality and adaptable. This meant that the wine needed to be semi-transparent to show through the background of whatever image it was composed onto.

Wine 3D Rendering

The Process

Creating renders that are both realistic and fully adaptable to their environment with semi-transparency after it has been exported to a .PNG file is no easy task. At Pterobyt, we love a good challenge and we got to work to find a solution.

The project began with the modeling, we had several bottle designs that needed to be 3D modeled from scratch with some reference images and dimensions to aid us. 

With the 3D modeling completed, we began the texturing. We wrapped the wine labels around our models and created custom textures to mimic their real life attributes. The challenge of the project came with the wine itself. The wine needed to be semi-transparent after export, therefore, we needed to develop a custom Alpha map that would allow us to subtract alpha data partially from the areas we needed to be semi transparent while having it respect the volumetric depth of the wine and the glossy reflections on the glass itself.

After many experiments, we developed a brand new methodology to allow us to create custom alpha maps to make objects semi-transparent while also maintaining full and variable opacity on regions affected by reflection and volume depth. This was pivotal to maintaining realism and to achieve the desired effect.

The Results

Needless to say, our customer was very well pleased with our work as were we. Not every project is straightforward, some require immense creativity and intense problem solving to accomplish. However, we are committed to all our clients and their needs and always find a way to deliver the very best and most cutting edge 3D product renderings available.