Yates Trade show Entrances graphic design

The Mission

We were contacted by Momentum, a leading industrial digital marketing agency, to help create dynamic entrances designs for Yates Cylinders at AISTech 2024.  The goal of our collaboration was to design two large wall mural graphics and coordinate with the trade show installation company. In terms of content, we needed a mixture of 2D graphics and 3D renderings to map out Yates’ product line, locations, contact information, company timeline, and more. The challenges became filling the large space without overstimulating passersby and translating all the company details in an appealing way – using visuals wherever possible.

Yates 2D Graphic Design

The Process

To begin such a large design, we first contacted the trade show installation company to ensure we had all the proper measurements and obstruction data. After double-checking all of the layout provisions, we opened an online whiteboard to strategically map out all the dimensions and put together a checklist for the information / graphics we needed to include. On this whiteboard, we also added any inspiration from the customer as reference for our custom creation. 

After scoping out the necessary details, our team began work on Entrance to Exhibit Hall A. We gathered the brand colors and tagline to begin filling in large spaces and worked our way from the edges into the middle. Through collaboration with the customer, we were able to make minor adjustments throughout the process.

While our 2D Artist worked on developing the layout, our 3D Artist rendered out some cylinders, a 3D trade show scene, and a 3D factory scene to display throughout the designs. Once these renders were complete and both entrances were planned out, our team sent the designs over to for final approval. 

Lastly, we contacted the trade show installation company to verify that everything fit their spaces properly and received visual confirmation that our wall graphics looked perfect.

The Results

Our customer received many compliments from the attendees of AISTech and extended their gratitude to Pterobyt for an accomplished design collaboration. We greatly enjoyed the challenge of creating these massive designs and working with their team.